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BI-SO Ltd. in the passion of “ family and friends , I want live long , even one day for the important people” , is committed to the spread of electronic cigarette .
In order to get freely -growing in the clean Japan to the future of children , we will continue to devote every day in the future .

  • 徹底した安全・衛生管理Thorough safety and health management
  • 自社工場生産によるローコスト化の実現Realization of cost reduction by our own factory
  • 他社・海外製では見られない納品スピードの速さSpeed ​​of delivery speed that are not found in other companies ,made ​​overseas
  • 専門店のみならず大型雑貨チェーン店や商社との契約Contracts with large goods chain stores and trading companies not shop only
  • OEM複数契約に証明される品質への信頼性The reliability of the quality that is proven to OEM multiple contract
  • ご当地アイドルグループやレーシングチームなどへの協賛Sponsorship of , such as your local idol group and racing team
  • ご当地アイドルグループをはじめ秋葉原メイド系ショップなどとのコラボレーション企画商品開発Including your local idol Group Akihabara maid system shop Collaboration planning product development and the like

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BI-SO Inc.,you can be asked to download company overview catalogs,and product introduction catalog.

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会社名Company Name 株式会社BI-SOBI-SO Co,.Ltd.
所在地Location 〒390-0815 長野県松本市深志2丁目8-6 OTKビル3FOTK Bld.3F, 2-8-6, Fukashi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, 390-0815, Japan
電話番号Phone number 0120-00-8985

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We have operated the radio of the Vaper, by the Vaper, for the Vaper.

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